The Department for Romanians Abroad elaborates and implements the policies for the relations with diaspora, in accordance with the major objectives of Romania’s foreign policy and the Government Program.“The content of this website does not represent the official position of the General Secretariat of the Government – Department for Romanians Abroad”.
 Al Hayat Benevolent Social League  was established in 1993 and has 3 main missions:-Free of charge medication: through the medical and dental dispensaries which helps patients in treatment and offer medication free of charge.
-Educational: B.T and/or T.S. diplomas can be attained and are offered to the young generation in the Nursing School
-Socio-cultural events: are organized on almost monthly basis like lectures, sessions, poetry evenings, music and arts.
The Embassy of Romania to Beirut ensures the representation of Romania to the Republic of Lebanon, promotes and protects the interests of the sending state and provides consular protection to the Romanian citizens according to the standards of international law as well as those of the Romanian and Lebanese legislation.
TAROM Romanian Air Transport was established in 1954 and performs its activity under the Ministry of Transportation and has been a member of SkyTeam Alliance as of June 25th, 2010. TAROM believes that each journey shapes our personality and, bearing this in mind, their mission is to inspire people to fly away. TAROM is a modern and future-oriented company which is environmentally friendly by implementing innovative procedures to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Our journeys make us what we are.